DIAMON is a professional service advisor to brands and retailers aiming for international expansion. Diamon was founded in 2010 by Linda Bradley, Ola Gejde and Camilla Jonsson based on shared values around the goal of running a business combined with quality of life. We all have a strong passion for international business and brands, which led to the formation of Diamon. Diamon's HQ is located in Stockholm, Sweden.

Instead of building a traditional consulting firm with generalist consultants our vision has always been to work with the best locally based industry experts around the world. We call them our “Diamon Experts” and they are a true inspiration to us and our customers.

Our vision is to become the preferred partner for brands and retailers aiming to grow their business internationally and to offer the best retail market expertise and experience in all major markets.

The story of our company name
Diamon is literary the Japanese word for big gate – 大門 – a big gate to the global market. Moreover Diamon refers to our experts, being the most brilliant retail advisors in their market and field, similar to the Diamond with its remarkable properties.


Diamon is an advisor to brands and retailers with focus on international business development around the world. Our Consulting services aim to get you started in new markets with minimum risks, our consulting projects always make use of our global network of market experts. Our International Sales offer is targeting lifestyle brands and supports them with hands-on international sales activities. Please learn more about our services and offer on each site.

Welcome to the world of Diamon!


Åsögatan 176
116 32 Stockholm
Phone: +46 8-533 324 82