DIAMON Experts

DIAMON has a global network of over 100 retail and brand market experts specialising in foreign retail brand expansion. Our experts can discuss topics ranging from market potential, consumer trends, real-estate conditions, barriers to enter and main competitors in your market segment.

Diamon's retail and brand experts have:

  • operational experience of brand/retail concept in your segment in local markets
  • a proven and successful track-record
  • an understanding of your target group and can advise on assortment and concept adjustments needed for your brand to become successful
  • in-depth real-estate market knowledge
  • local network to facilitate market entry and expansion
  • local network of potential partners such as agents, distributors and franchisees

If you are a retail and brand specialist with proven track record of managing international expansion projects then we would be happy to hear from you. Please email us at expert@diamonretail.com