Consultants on the road - Hungary

In June, Markus visited Hungary in order to get insights in the current and future potential of the Hungarian retail market. This report from 'Consultants on the road' demonstrates glimpses of a market that for a long time has been underestimated in the European retail market.
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Decoding the secret Success of Austria’s Retail Market

Imagine you would be living right in the heart of Europe, in a country surrounded by mountains, lakes and green forests, going swimming in the summertime and skiing during winter – what would you miss? Maybe nothing, but a great variety of new retail concepts!
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The Finnish market – a retail pearl in the Nordics

Finland is open-minded towards international brands still offering high potential for growth.
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There is a new cultural invasion from the northeast of the UK, Scandimania has taken its grip over the UK. The UK’s love of Scani brands has been building for decades and is now meeting a critical point of growth.
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The Netherlands – a high density international retail market

The Netherlands is one of the moste densely populated countries in Europe and a heaven for brands and retailers.
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UAE, a retail gateway into emerging markets

The retail industry is now the second largest sector in the region.
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