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Consultants on the road - Paris, Maison & Objet

At the end of January, Linda visited M&O in Paris - the main international lifestyle and interior fair in Europe where she could observe insights in current lifestyle trends. Our new concept "consultants on the road" is for displaying market trends amongst retailers and brands within different international markets of travel experiences from our consultants.

"M&O is great in many ways; it is a huge show for all things to be used in our homes, it is a perfect spot for connecting to a global network of brand builders and sales people, and it is great way to capture latest trends in a moment."

Fair observations

I talked to people exhibiting – and some told stories about the fair being a real success and others where disappointed with the slow traffic. It seems to depend a lot on whether you are in our out of current trends. I paid a particular visit to the fragrance hall – many heritage/floral-looking brand owners who seemed to have a dull time, but the contemporary brands were very busy. Certainly, the look matters as much as the content; the fair is still lacking maker brands (i.e. producer-oriented brands) and is emphasizes more on the surface design.


While in Paris I took the opportunity to visit some of the lifestyle stores in the city. While standing in line for the bag check to enter Merci  (111 boulevard Beaumarchais) I came to think of this experience being very much like entering M&O. Maybe these selected beautifully curated shops have become the new trade fairs? It is equally important for a brand to be seen at Merci and to be discovered by potential partners around the globe!

Would you recommend the fair to brand in the design/interior segment?

Yes, I would still. In particular if you are coming from a somewhat new design segment such as gardening, beauty, fashion and, best case, produce yourself - you may curve out a new niche of future interiors.

/Linda Bradley,

Founder and Director of Diamon